What Does DaVita Way Means?

It’s been said that true acts of kindness come from the heart. We choose to believe that what we do at DaVita makes a positive difference in the world.

As a leading provider of kidney care services, DaVita aims to build the greatest healthcare community the world has ever seen by:

  • Improving the quality of life for people diagnosed with chronic kidney disease
  • Innovating and adding value to kidney care
  • Being a role model for global healthcare
  • Sending forth ripples of our community philosophy

Head Heart Hand

The DaVita Way means that we dedicate our Head, Heart and Hand to pursue the Missions, live the Values, and build a healthy Village. It means we care for each other with the same intensity with which we care for our patients.


We believe in, and are committed to:

  • Mission & Values
  • Village
  • Greatest Healthcare Community the World Has Ever Seen


We care –passionately! –about our patients and our teammates. The Heart also represents our pride in our Village, and in the dialysis center or office where we work.


  • Live out the Mission and Core Values
  • Act on what we care about
  • Play “all out”
  • Get the Right Stuff Done (GRSD)

What does the bridge means &
why is it important?

The bridge refers to our teammate committedness – it is about the head part of the DaVita Way.

Every day, every moment, our teammates makes the choice to either wait and see and let others create a special place, or they just do it.

The bridge crossed over by our teammates reflects an opportunity to creating a special between teammates, patients and the community.

What does the Bridge Means & Why is it Important?

Core Value Awards

These awards are the highest honor, teammates can receive in the Village. The winners of these award categories truly live and embody the core values in all that they do at their clinics, offices and in their lives.

Shining Star Award

These are teammates who have crossed the Bridge and do all that they can to care for patients and fellow teammates with equal intensity.

Shining Star is a high potential junior front-line teammate who is a role model of our vision and mission.

Congratulations to our Team Cahaya’s Shining Star, we are very proud of your achievements throughout your journey in our village.


Noor Farahnajwa Sulaiman
Noor Farahnajwa Sulaiman


Mohamad Ali Hafizi Bin Abd Kadir
Mohamad Ali Hafizi Bin Abd Kadir