#OhMyGinjal (#OMG) is a Kidney Disease Awareness Campaign which is one of the main altruistic commitments undertaken by DaVita Malaysia. The campaign aims to raise awareness on kidney disease; one of the least known life-threatening disease in Malaysia, and the importance of early diagnosis for those who are at greater risk. #OMG covers both online and on-ground, fun (and educational) activities to keep public abreast of the new development and health tips pertaining to kidney disease – treatment and prevention as well as tips on kidney health.

Kidney disease is often regarded as a “silent killer” as patients are often unaware of diminishing kidney function until it is too late. Over the past 10 years, acceptance and prevalence rate of haemodialysis patients have increased two-fold. As a result, Malaysia needs to act quick in the battle against Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Recognizing the urgent need of raising awareness of CKD, DaVita has embarked on several grassroot education initiatives in effort to help curb the exponential rise of this condition. Amongst them is the Healthy Beans roadshow initiative. This roadshow aims to spread awareness on
kidney disease and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.


What To Expect At Healthy Beans

Meet the DaVita team at Healthy Beans to learn more about risks, causes and effects of CKD. Partake in a basic health screening to determine your risk of developing CKD.

For individuals living with CKD or require haemodialysis, speak to the DaVita team about how to optimize your quality of life. Whilst DaVita is best known for exemplary dialysis treatments, DaVita also offers a suite of services that reinforces their approach to holistic patient care. Find out more about what DaVita can do for you with services including:
• Kidney disease risk assessment
• Regular blood tests
• Counselling

The DaVita Health Coach programme is a community outreach initiative that aims to better educate Malaysians about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Open to those living with CKD, or caring for someone with CKD, Health Coach initiative is a 90-minute session that is led by a nephrologist from DaVita’s clinical team. Each session is free-of-charge, regardless of where the patient receives treatment from.

By opening the Health Coach programme to CKD patients and members of the public, DaVita hopes to improve CKD awareness in Malaysia. In line with DaVita’s holistic approach to CKD treatment, this initiative provides CKD patients and their loved ones the ability to navigate through the various challenges that come with the condition.

DaVita’s clinical team has the best educators on CKD and self-care strategies to improve the quality of life for those living with the condition. Attendees of the Health Coach sessions can expect to get better insight on living their best life with CKD.

Topics include:
• Learning they key causes of kidney disease
• How to delay the progression of CKD and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
• Diet management – choosing the right nutrition for kidney health and CKD
• Treatment options
• Developing an action plan for the best quality of life

The DaVita team will also be present at the information kiosks located at the Health Coach sessions where members of the public can partake in a basic health screening to determine the risk of developing CKD.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Considering the challenges regarding the cost of dialysis treatment, we initiated the Adopt-A-Patient program. It aims to provide financial aids to patients who are unable to finance their dialysis treatment. Through this program, we aim to support 300 patients who are financially challenged.