DaVita Malaysia COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak that is affecting over more than millions of people – dialysis patients are very vulnerable to the infection. Our team has mapped out layers of protection that come in the form of safety precautions and infection control measures to ensure that our patients are safe. The safety and wellbeing of our patients continue to be our highest priority. Hence, our goal is to guide and support all our patients at DaVita Malaysia to have immediate access for COVID-19 vaccinations.

We continued to engage with our patients on a daily basis by providing them the necessary guidance and education about the benefits of getting vaccinated. Our nurses work hand in hand proactively with the patients through various efforts such as patient education sessions and relevant counselling sessions to heighten awareness on the importance of getting vaccinated. During these challenging times, it is crucial that we played our role well in ensuring the decision-making factors of our patients to getting vaccinated are established.

The efforts undertaken by our team has benefitted us greatly as we take pride to announce that 95% of our patients have completed their 1st dose of the Covid-19 vaccine! This is a great achievement for all of us at DaVita Malaysia because it is a great way to acknowledge that we are aligned with our goals when it comes to patient safety and wellbeing. We will continue to strive persistently to uphold our clinical reputation by providing only quality care services to our patients.