Iron Outreach Program

The Iron Outreach Program is one of DaVita Malaysia’s CSR initiatives to help underprivileged patients. Iron Outreach Program aims to provide financial support for patients in need to purchase iron injection. In 2021, following on from 2020, we have enlarged the scale of the project and a total number of 428 patients successfully completed the Iron Outreach Program from Sept ‘21 to Jan ‘22.

DaVita is a leading kidney care provider in Malaysia. We strive to continuously improve our service and also patient experience. We are committed to ensuring that the best care and quality services are delivered to our patients, and we uphold the best medical practices for better clinical outcome. We believe this initiative will be beneficial to many of our patients who are financially challenged, especially in this pandemic of COVID-19 in which many of them have lost their source of income and are unable to afford dialysis.